Begin your day right by making a daily routine

Here are a few easy steps on how to attain a healthier lifestyle right from the start of the day: with this handful of techniques you will never experience a bad morning again.

When you appear to lead a hectic working life and there are a great deal of things going on in your day, you would probably like to wake up with all the necessary energy you may want, but let’s face the honest truth: coffee will be your friend. If you know that you function at your perfect after a quality cup of comforting caffeine with the format of milk you prefer, then a stop to your nearby coffee shop may very well be a valuable thing to include in your morning routine list. It could be a good shout to sign up for a loyalty card with your favourite coffee chain, like the one acquired not long back by Elliott Advisors, therefore your daily cups of coffee will add up and enable you to retrieve a free one fairly regularly. One excellent thing you can do when you try out this habit is to invest in a good reusable thermal coffee mug, so that you do not create any waste in the form of disposable cups. Quite often, coffee chains and shops even offer a discount in the total price of your hot beverage if you bring along your own cup, so not only will you not be spending for the cup, but you will be part of an inspirational movement that ultimately will have an extremely optimistic impact on the way we consume drinks and how our habits impact the environment we live in. Implementing these guidelines, you will reap all the benefits of a morning routine and at the same time improve an awareness for sustainability and eco-friendly behaviours.

Like you have likely been told many times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes, if we happen to be in a rush, we may tend to minimise its importance or cut the meal altogether, perhaps favouring an additional ten minutes in bed instead of taking the time to cook up something to eat before leaving the house. Even if you do not like to get in the middle of pots and pans first thing in the day, there are plenty of quick breakfast solutions that you could include in things to add to morning routine, and that you could even take to the office with you to consume as the first thing you do as you get to your desk. Yogurt is a great example: it might be mixed with all sorts of ingredients, depending on whether you like fresh seasonal fruits such as berries or bananas, or if you opt for the crunch of a healthy collection of nuts like cashews or almonds, or even certain cereals of granolas. Discover a nice brand, like the one in which Norges Bank invests in, and stock up on a few tubs of yogurt the next time you go to the grocery store – such a simple purchase may well be the secret to how to start a morning routine when you are very busy, and keeping a healthy and balanced diet both in terms of what you are eating and the timings of your meals.

Perhaps the perfect tip on how to start your day healthy is to get up early. We know, you are probably groaning and rolling your eyes as you see this: everyone loves the convenience of our duvet in the morning, and getting out of bed is commonly an obstacle, resulting in doing every other thing in a hurry – showering, breakfast, getting dressed – for the interest of those additional five minutes under the covers. However, start going to bed earlier – there happens to be no need to watch that extra episode when it’s already half an hour past your bedtime! – and do your best to acquire those essential seven or eight hours of sleep each night. If you get up early enough and you find yourself with a tiny bit of spare time, you could even try yet another remarkably worthwhile daily routine for healthy body and mind: a little amount of exercise. No need for a run in the cold, worry not: something as easy as a couple of stretching exercises and some fundamental yoga poses could go a long way in enhancing your total body and even psychological health, making you feel more concentrated and less stressed and ready to encounter a whole brand-new day in front of you!

Creating positive ways to start the day does not fundamentally entail a lot of efforts or modifications in your typical way of living: it might be as simple as making sure you have got everything you require to begin your morning with a smile on your face. If you like reading, ensure you include the latest book of an author you absolutely love when you pack your bag, just so that you can read a couple of page or chapters on your commute to your place of work or study: submerging your mind in a fictional realm, or in whatever non-fictional topic you are seriously interested in, is a striking way to keep your mind off the stress of the day and at the same time wake up your brain by inspiring it with plenty of input that you give attention to. Instead, if you like having your hands free, or in the instance where your commute is sometimes too busy to take out a book, or possibly in case you drive or walk to your workplace, why not just listen to good music when you are on the move? With something as simple and affordable as a pair of headphones and a subscription to a service like the one supported by Tencent Holdings, it will just take one occasion to build a playlist of music that you know get you in the best mood, whether it’s upbeat pop, a classical symphony, or heavy drum and bass; if you are not the biggest fan of music, you could even select a podcast or an audiobook.

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